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No tuition increase for 2018-19

Many variables affect Humboldt State’s planning for the 2018-19 budget – and there is a lot we don’t yet know.

HSU Class of 2030

A group of about 50 fourth graders from Crescent City recently visited the HSU campus.  The students came from Smith River Elementary School and Mary Peacock Elementary School, both in the Del Norte School District.  They brought with them about 10 parent volunteers and a couple of teachers.

The Super Sunday message from the CSU and HSU

Each February, the California State University’s chancellor, vice chancellors, and presidents talk with young people and families across our state.  In many cases, these discussions happen in churches, on a day designated as “Super Sunday,” but we are taking every occasion to reach prospective students.  The goal is to communicate the value of a college education.  The message is simple:  college creates opportunity and prosperity.

This message from the CSU has three key points:

HSU and the Klean Kanteen

At every meeting, the California State University’s Board of Trustees hears presentations by graduates of the CSU about their student experience and the impact of their education.  The January 2018 meeting was special for Humboldt State.

A travel story

We all have one.

If you live on the Redwood Coast long enough, you’ll have a major travel adventure.  Flying or driving, trying to get out of town or back home, you’ll have a story.

Every month, all the campus presidents in the California State University system are required to attend meetings in Long Beach.  These meetings are not optional – attendance is a job requirement.  Since I became president at Humboldt State, I have made more than 40 round trips between Arcata and Long Beach – and I had always made it home on the day I had planned.

Until recently.