HSU Class of 2030

A group of about 50 fourth graders from Crescent City recently visited the HSU campus.  The students came from Smith River Elementary School and Mary Peacock Elementary School, both in the Del Norte School District.  They brought with them about 10 parent volunteers and a couple of teachers.

This visit was part of HSU’s Talent Search (http://www2.humboldt.edu/talentsearch/talent-search-trio).  This is a federal-funded pre-college program that helps elementary and high-school students be academically prepared and ready for college when they graduate from high school.  Hosting these young people on campus is particularly valuable, because it helps them picture themselves at a college or university – maybe even Humboldt State.

When I asked how many of the fourth graders were on the HSU campus for the first time, many hands went up.  Then I asked if they planned to go to college.  Most of the hands went up then, too.  One young student in the front row exclaimed, “As if I had a choice!”  And then I asked how many of them were thinking about attending Humboldt State.  A gratifyingly large number of hands were raised here, too.  This speaks to the value of early recruiting.

These students from Del Norte County were an amazingly sharp group.  After I finished my welcome, the students’ hands started shooting up again with their questions.  “How did you decide to become a geologist?”  “What do you like most about being the president of HSU?”  “When did you first study rocks?”  “What’s the most important thing to be successful as a college president?” 

Whoa!  Hand out the application materials now!  This Talent Search event brought some amazing young people to Humboldt State.  One of HSU’s strategic goals is to recruit more local students.  I hope every one of these fourth graders from Del Norte comes here.  They’ll bring some major talent and diversity to the class of 2030.