The Super Sunday message from the CSU and HSU

Each February, the California State University’s chancellor, vice chancellors, and presidents talk with young people and families across our state.  In many cases, these discussions happen in churches, on a day designated as “Super Sunday,” but we are taking every occasion to reach prospective students.  The goal is to communicate the value of a college education.  The message is simple:  college creates opportunity and prosperity.

This message from the CSU has three key points:

  • One, college is an engine of opportunity that powers the future prosperity of graduates, their families, their communities, and the state;
  • Two, the CSU is here to partner with students every step of the way, to make sure they are prepared and can afford college; and
  • Three, students can succeed in the CSU – regardless of whether they are enrolling for the first time, are the first in their family to attend college, or are returning after some time away.

A number of facts support these statements.  For example,

By 2020 -- only two years from now -- an estimated two-thirds of job openings will require a college degree. 

  • College graduates with a bachelor’s degree typically earn 66% more than those with a high school diploma alone.
  • The CSU awards half of all bachelor’s degrees earned in California -- more than the total for the University of California and all the private and non-profit colleges and universities combined. 
  • And our CSU campuses offer year-round support to ensure that future students are prepared to apply for, be admitted to, and enroll in college.
  • Nearly 80% of undergraduates in the CSU receive financial aid through a variety of sources including the CSU’s State University Grants, Cal Grants, Pell grants, and scholarships. 
  • In fact, most undergraduates with family incomes below $70,000 have their tuition completely covered by grants. 

The CSU – and Humboldt State – are focused on making college attendance  affordable and accessible – and ensuring that our students are successful.  A college education makes a difference to everyone.  And support is available at every stage in the process. 

That’s a super message, any day of the week.