Campus Messages

03-26-2018 Last Week's WSCUC Team Visit

02-02-2018 Update on Campus Budget Challenges

01-19-2018 HSU planning for 2018-19 budget

09-05-2017 HSU Supports Dreamers

08-17-2017 How we are creating a more welcoming and supportive environment at HSU

06-21-2017 Thanking Vice President for Administrative Affairs Joyce Lopes for her Service

04-20-2017 Care and Support in our HSU Community

04-17-2017 Supporting Each Other

04-15-2017 Loss of Our Student

02-22-2017 New Developments Regarding Immigration

01-31-2017 Standing by our values

11-09-2016 Post-election discussions and activities

10-24-2016 Apology and a Shared Commitment for an Inclusive Campus

10-04-2016 Standing Together for an Inclusive Community 

09-28-2016 Strategic Priorities and HSU's Budget

08-22-2016 Welcome to Fall Semester

07-12-2016 Supporting Each Other in Difficult Times

07-11-2016 Review of HSU Athletics Planned for Fall Semester

06-16-2016 Vigil for Orlando Victims

03-16-2016 Strategic Plan Update

02-24-2016 Students Know Their IX, Do You?

02-23-2016 Loss of Alumna Adilene Martinez

02-03-2016 HSU's WASC Self-Study Steering Committee

12-10-2015 Update on Strategic Plan Progress

12-03-2015 University Community Holiday Celebration

12-01-2015 HSU's New Provost, Dr. Alexander Enyedi

11-19-2015 Update on Implementation of the 2015-2020 HSU Strategic Plan

11-13-2015 Racial Assault of Two Students

11-12-2015 Loss of Student Henry Nittler

10-05-2015 Celebrating HSU Staff and Faculty Philanthropy On and Off Campus

08-13-2015 Start of a New Academic Year

08-06-2015 Loss of Students Adam Michael Lang and Rickey Jackson

08-05-2015 Humboldt State University Budget for 2015-16

07-27-2015 Faculty Salary Equity Adjustment Plan for 2015-16

07-16-2015 Loss of Student Amanda Williams and Alumnus Daniel Pudlicki

06-30-2015 Humboldt State Names New Interim Provost

06-29-2015 Summer Progress on the New HSU Strategic Plan

05-15-2015 Strategic Plan is Finalized - Thank You!

05-06-2015 Provost Search Committee

05-04-2015 Working Together to Stop Workplace Bullying

04-21-2015 Reminder - Strategic Plan Open Forums April 22 and 23

02-10-2015 HSU's Future - Weigh in on what matters most

01-26-2015 Loss of Student Zacharia Badaoui and Alumnus Jeff Navarro

01-20-2015 Welcome to Spring Semester - Students

01-02-2015 Update on Strategic Planning at HSU

10-30-2014 Recent Loss of Pamela Lyall

10-29-2104 Strategic Planning - Launching our Second Century

10-07-2014 Please Take Part in California ShakeOut Drill, Oct. 16

09-18-2014 Campus Culture and Our Sense of Community

08-27-2014 University Ombudspersons for Academic Year 2014/15

08-14-2014 Changes to our 2014-15 Budget Plan

08-13-2014 Loss of Dennis Rose

07-21-2014 Search Committee for Provost

07-14-2014 Message from President Rossbacher

04-18-2014 A Message from Incoming President Lisa Rossbacher

03-27-2014 Message to campus from Dr. Rossbacher