Advisory Groups

President's Cabinet

Current Membership: 

  • President, Lisa A. Rossbacher
  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Alexander J. Enyedi
  • Vice President for Administration & Finance, Douglas V. Dawes
  • Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, W. Wayne Brumfield
  • Interim Vice President for University Advancement, Frank Whitlatch
  • Executive Director, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Cheryl L. Johnson
  • Chief of Staff, vacant

University Ombudspersons

Suzanne Pasztor ( 707-826-3643

Marlon Sherman ( 707-826-3821

President's Native American Advisory Council

The council meets twice a semester. 

This council serves as a communication conduit and assists in developing mutually beneficial partnerships among HSU, the Native American community, and Tribal Nations. The Council provides perspectives and advice on the University's collaborations with Native American communities, tribal nations, and tribal organizations in the region.  Council members will advise the President on matters of importance to Native communities as they relate to the University. 


  • Frieda Bennett, Education Director, Quartz Valley Indian Reservation
  • Loren Bommelyn, Chairperson, Tolowa Dee-Ni' Nation
  • Barry Brenard, Chairperson, Bear River Band
  • Rick Dowd, Chairperson, Resighini Rancheria
  • Ted Hernandez, Chairperson, Wiyot Tribe
  • Ryan Jackson, Chairperson, Hoopa Valley Tribe
  • Virgil Moorehead, Chairperson, Big Lagoon Rancheria
  • Thomas O'Rourke, Chairperson, Yurok Tribe
  • Jack Potter, Chairperson, Redding Rancheria
  • Jason Ramos, Tribal Gaming Commissioner, Blue Lake Rancheria
  • Joshua Saxon, Councilman, Karuk Tribe
  • Garth Sundberg, Chairperson, Trinidad Rancheria 
  • Shelly Woods, Tribal Services Manager, Elk Valley Rancheria
  • Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond, Indian Tribal and Educational Personnel Program, HSU
  • Vincent Feliz, CARE Coordinator, HSU
  • Chery Johnson, Executive Director, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, HSU
  • Lonyx Landry, Advisor, Indian Natural Resource, Science & Engineering Program, HSU
  • Kerri Malloy, Lecturer, Native American Studies, HSU
  • Keith Parker, Indian Natural Resource, Science & Engineering Program student rep, HSU
  • Geneva Shaw, Lecturer, Department of Social Work, HSU
  • Marlon Sherman, Professor, Native American Studies, HSU
  • Paula Tripp-Allen, Advisor, Indian Tribal and Educational Personnel Program, HSU


Equity Alliance of the North Coast

Humboldt State University Cohort:

  • Ramona Bell, Associate Professor, Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Corliss Bennett, Director, Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence
  • Jennifer Eichstedt, Professor, Department of Sociology
  • Lupe Lovio, Budget Analyst, Retention and Inclusive Student Success
  • Christine Mata, Associate Dean of Students
  • Peggy Metzger, Director, Financial Aid
  • Tim Miller, Assistant Librarian
  • Stephen St. Onge, Director, Housing and Residence Life
  • Tracy S. Smith, Director, Retention through Academic Mentoring Program
  • Kumi Watanabe-Shock, Library Services Specialist

Humboldt State University and City of Arcata Cohort:

  • Wayne Brumfield, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Doug Dawes, Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Karen Diemer, City Manager, City of Arcata
  • Danette Demello, Assistant City Manager, City of Arcata
  • Todd Dokweiler, City of Arcata
  • Alex Enyedi, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs 
  • Netra Khatri, Assistant City Engineer, City of Arcata
  • David Loya, Director of Community Development, City of Arcata
  • Lisa Rossbacher, President
  • Pimm Tripp-Allen, Advisor, Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program
  • Craig Wruck, Vice President of University Advancement
  • Humboldt Area Foundation