Advisory Groups

President's Administrative Team

Current Membership: 

  • President, Tom Jackson, Jr.
  • Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Lisa Bond-Maupin
  • Vice President for Administration & Finance, Douglas V. Dawes
  • Vice President for Enrollment ManagementJason Meriwether
  • Vice President for University Advancement, Frank Whitlatch
  • Chief of StaffSherie Cornish Gordon
  • Athletic Director, Jane Teixeira

President's Cabinet


  • Director of University Budget, Amber Blakeslee
  • University Senate Chair, Mary Virnoche
  • Dean, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Rosamel Benavides-Garb
  • Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Lisa Castellino
  • President, Associated Students, Jeremiah Finley
  • Vice President for Administration & Finance, Douglas V. Dawes
  • Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Lisa Bond-Maupin
  • Chief of Staff, Sherie C. Gordon
  • Associated Students Graduate Student Representative, Lily Huang
  • Associated Students Board Representative, CAHSS, Montel Floyd
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, President, Parker Irusta
  • Assistant Athletic Director of Game Management/Senior Woman Administrator, Kelly Kime
  • Director of Alumni & Engagement, Stephanie Lane
  • Director of Admissions, Peter Martinez
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management, Jason Meriwether
  • Associate Vice President, Human Resources, David Montoya
  • Dean, College of Natural Resources & Sciences, Dale Oliver
  • Chief of Police, Donn Peterson
  • Interim Executive Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Edelmira Reynoso
  • Associate Vice President of Development, Deborah Rice
  • Associate Vice President, Facilities Management, Jeanne Rynne
  • Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies, Mary Oling-Sisay
  • Executive Director, California Center for Rural Policy, Connie Stewart
  • Dean of Students, Eboni Turnbow
  • President, Staff Council, Brandon McMillin
  • Vice President for University Advancement, Frank Whitlatch
  • Athletic Director, Jane Teixeira
  • Dean, College of Professional Studies, Shawna Young

President's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEIC)

HSU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Membership includes faculty, staff and student representatives from the divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business and Finance, University Advancement and Associated Students.

Executive Team

Edelmira Reynoso

Sub-Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Kimberly Vincent-Layton, Dept of Communication-Center of Teaching, Learning
  • Jennifer Eichstedt, Professor, Department of Sociology, Bias Education Initiative Coordinator/Sasheen Raymond, Administrative Support Coordinator, Social Work
  • Fernando Paz, Coordinator, Latinx Center for Academic Excellence


  • Cedric K. Aaron, Therapist Multicultural Specialist, CAPS Program
  • Kayla Begay, Faculty, Assistant Professor, Native American Studies
  • Cassaundra Caudillo, Student, Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Malluli Cuellar, Student, Associated Students
  • Leena Dallasheh, Faculty, Assistant Professor, English, Department of History
  • Nikola G. Hobbel, Faculty, Professor, English Education
  • Tasha Howe, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology
  • Katia Karadjova, College Librarian, Natural Resources & Sciences, World Languages & Cultures
  • Michael S. Le, Research Associate, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Jenessa Lund, Staff, Executive Director, Associated Students
  • Kerri J. Malloy, Lecturer, Native American Studies
  • Meridith Oram, Staff, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Community Development Specialist
  • Eric Palma, Staff, Compensation and Class Manager, Human Resources and APS
  • Casey Park, Staff, Associated Students, Boards Coordinator
  • Linda Parker, Staff, Educational Resource Specialist SDRC
  • Sheila Rocker Heppe, Director of Extended Educaton and OLLI programs
  • Breannah Rueda, Student, Associated Students
  • Tracy Smith, Director Retention thru Academic Mentoring Program, Campus Coordinator, Skyfactor Mapworks
  • Roman Sotomayor, Student, Associated Students
  • Brandilynn Villarreal, Faculty, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Equity Fellow
  • Kumi Watanabe-Schock, Staff, Community Programming and Media Specialist, Humboldt State Library
  • Kim White, Faculty, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Mark Wicklund, Staff, Academic Assessment Coordinator, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

University Ombudspersons

Suzanne Pasztor ( 707-826-3643

Scott Paynton ( 707-826-3252


President's Native American Advisory Council

The council meets twice a semester. 

This council serves as a communication conduit and assists in developing mutually beneficial partnerships among HSU, the Native American community, and Tribal Nations. The Council provides perspectives and advice on the University's collaborations with Native American communities, tribal nations, and tribal organizations in the region. Council members will advise the President on matters of importance to Native communities as they relate to the University. 


  • Frieda Bennett, Education Director, Quartz Valley Indian Reservation
  • Denise Padgette, Chairperson, Tolowa Dee-Ni' Nation
  • Barry Brenard, Chairperson, Bear River Band
  • Fawn C. Murphy, Chairperson, Resighini Rancheria
  • Ted Hernandez, Chairperson, Wiyot Tribe
  • Byron Nelson, Jr., Chairperson, Hoopa Valley Tribe
  • Virgil Moorehead, Chairperson, Big Lagoon Rancheria
  • Joe James, Chairperson, Yurok Tribe
  • Jack Potter, Chairperson, Redding Rancheria
  • Jason Ramos, Tribal Gaming Commissioner, Blue Lake Rancheria
  • Joshua Saxon, Executive Director, Karuk Tribe
  • Garth Sundberg, Chairperson, Trinidad Rancheria
  • Kayla Super, Chairwoman, Quartz Valley Indian Reservation
  • Shelly Woods, Tribal Services Manager, Elk Valley Rancheria
  • Nievita Bueno Watts, Director, Indian Natural Resource Science & Engineering Program (INRSEP), HSU
  • Leo Canez, Admissions Counselor, HSU
  • Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond, Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program (ITEPP), Native American Center for Academic Excellence (NACAE), HSU
  • Vincent Feliz, Lecturer, HSU Department of Social Work, Council of American Indian Faculty & Staff (CAIFS) Representative, HSU
  • Lonyx Landry, Coordinator, Indian Natural Resource, Science & Engineering Program, HSU
  • Kerri Malloy, Lecturer, Native American Studies, HSU
  • Keith Parker, American Indian Alumni Representative, HSU
  • Sherri Provolt, Yurok Tribe and GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs), HSU
  • Seafha Ramos, Yurok/Karuk; National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow in Biology, HSU Departments of Biology and Wildlife; Research Associate, HSU Department of Wildlife; College of Natural Resources and Sciences (CNRS) representative
  • Cutcha Risling Baldy, Chair, Native American Studies, HSU
  • Geneva Shaw, Lecturer, Department of Social Work, HSU
  • Marlon Sherman, Professor, Native American Studies, HSU
  • Paula Tripp-Allen, Advisor, Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program, Council of American Indian Faculty & Staff (CAIFS) Representative, HSU

Equity Alliance of the North Coast

Humboldt State University Cohort:

  • Ramona Bell, Associate Professor, Department of Critical Race, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
  • Corliss Bennett, Director, Housing
  • Jennifer Eichstedt, Professor, Department of Sociology
  • Lupe Lovio, Budget Analyst, Retention & Inclusive Student Success
  • Peggy Metzger, Director, Financial Aid
  • Tim Miller, Assistant Librarian
  • Stephen St. Onge, Director, Housing & Residence Life
  • Tracy S. Smith, Director, Retention through Academic Mentoring Program
  • Kumi Watanabe-Shock, Library Services Specialist

Humboldt State University and City of Arcata Cohort:

  • Doug Dawes, Vice President for Administration & Finance
  • Karen Diemer, City Manager, City of Arcata
  • Danette Demello, Assistant City Manager, City of Arcata
  • Todd Dokweiler, City of Arcata 
  • Netra Khatri, Assistant City Engineer, City of Arcata
  • David Loya, Director of Community Development, City of Arcata
  • Tom Jackson, Jr., President
  • Pimm Tripp-Allen, Advisor, Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program
  • Frank Whitlatch, Vice President for University Advancement
  • Humboldt Area Foundation