President Tom Jackson, Jr.

Humboldt is an amazing place with special people. It is a place filled with pride. It is a place filled with caring and motivated faculty, staff, and students. This special place will always be Humboldt because of this community. Still, I have this picture in my mind…a bold picture that shows us being this insanely amazing college of innovation. A place where ideas are freely shared and embraced. A place of innovation that leads us toward solving our world's challenges. I also see a college of service where all of us freely give of our time to our community. I see a campus where people from all over the planet come to learn because of our sciences, our teacher education and other professional programs, or our arts and music. I see a place where we freely engage with our friends and colleagues in other nations: close and far. Lastly, I see a place that embodies what a sustainable campus is while reinventing higher education for the next generation.

Cal Poly Humboldt Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Cal Poly Humboldt is located on the unceded lands of the Wiyot people, where they have resided from time immemorial. We encourage all to gain a deeper understanding of their history and thriving culture. As an expression of our gratitude, we are genuinely committed to developing trusting, reciprocal, and long-lasting partnerships with the Wiyot people as well as all of our neighboring tribes. 

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