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What exactly do people in Humboldt do for a living, and why? Listen to Talk Humboldt with Keith and Tom, where Keith Flamer of College of the Redwoods and Tom Jackson of Cal Poly Humboldt talk to the people that make Humboldt work.
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Talk Humboldt : Humboldt County Supervisor Natalie Arroyo

November 28, 2023 - 9:38pm
In this episode of Talk Humboldt with Keith and Tom, Arroyo talks about the job of supervisor, the 'boring but important' details that shape life in Humboldt, and why she appreciates the Coast Guard.

Talk Humboldt - Film Comissioner Cassandra Hesseltine

October 19, 2023 - 6:07pm
Humboldt County has played many roles onscreen, including Wyoming, Scotland, and a forest moon named Endor. So when Hollywood comes to town, they need a local expert.

Talk Humboldt: Skyhorse Builds New Opportunity in Old Town

October 16, 2023 - 11:01am
The dilapidated building at the edge of Old Town was one of Eureka’s sorest spots. Drug busts and overdoses were so common that it was unofficially referred to as "The Heroin Hilton." But with help from people looking for job training and a fresh start, it will soon be reborn as a traveler’s hostel, known for now as the "Skyhorse International Hostel".

Talk Humboldt: Horses as Healers

September 24, 2023 - 11:00pm
In this episode, Social Worker Chessy Jones from Wild Souls Ranch walks Keith and Tom through the ranch to meet the herd and shines a light on how they use horses as healers.

Talk Humboldt: Melanie McCavour

August 20, 2023 - 8:37pm
In today's episode of Talk Humboldt, McCavour invites Tom Jackson and Keith Flamer into the world of T.H.P.O.s.