Nomination Procedure

August 28, 2019

Dear Colleagues:

The success of Humboldt State University depends on the dedication and experience of our staff. The Staff Recognition Awards began over 35 years ago and continues to be the primary recognition of staff contributions to the University. We welcome nominations of both state and auxiliary employees. These awards are not for students, management, or faculty employees, nor are the current members of Staff Council eligible (visit the Staff Council website to Meet Your Council Reps). Individuals may receive this award multiple times, but not in consecutive years. Please visit our Staff Recognition Awards webpage to see past winners.

There are two components that are new to the awards program this year. The first is the option to nominate teams! Awarding teams acknowledges and supports what many staff are already doing; partnering and collaborating across campus. The second is a question that distinguishes the career level of an individual staff member recognizing the valuable perspectives that come with new employment and that which is developed over time.  Staff Council and the Office of the President are excited to support the recognition of the strengths and achievements of individual nominees and teams, especially highlighting areas of innovation, mentorship, service, resource stewardship, ethics, social justice and sustainability.  

Nominations should be submitted using our Online Nomination Form. The nomination deadline is Friday, September 27, by 5:00 p.m. Preliminary review of nominations will be made by Staff Council, followed by final consideration by the President’s Administrative Team. Awards will be presented as part of the Spring Welcome on January 15, 2020. For questions or comments, please contact Michelle Collins in the Office of the President,, 707-826-3311. 

Thank you for recognizing the value contributions of our incredible staff members!


Jessica Welch, President, Staff Council

Tom Jackson, Jr., President, HSU

Review Process

 1.    President’s Office solicits nominations (September)

2.    Staff Council receives nominations (October)

3.    Staff Council reviews and forwards recommendations to President’s Office (November)

4.    Vice Presidents/Managers review recommendations (November)

5.    President approves final awards and presents names at Spring Welcome (January) 


These awards are coordinated by the Office of the President and HSU Staff Council. The awards to individuals are supported by private funds contributed by alumni and other friends of the university. Staff Council will award teams in the form of a hosted luncheon in the spring.